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Mr. North:

Heartbreak Highway:
  A Rhode Island Road to the Alamo: The Albert Martin Story, 2015

The Women Who Loved Poe: Costume Designer, 2013

Dan In Real Life: Draper (Set Dressing), 2006

The Education of Charlie Banks: Shopper/Dyer (Day Player), 2006

Waterfront Pilot: Wardrobe (Day Player), 2006

Underdog: Set Decoration Assistant (Day Player), 2006

If You Ever Leave Me...I'm Going With You:
Wardrobe Supervisor, Dresser, 2005

The True Story of Troy: Costume Design, On-Set Costumer, 2004

Secret of Photo 51: Costume Design, On-Set Costumer, 2003

Women Pharaohs: Costume Design, On-Set Costumer, 2002

Madonna: Specialty Costume Design, 1999

Ambience Coordinator: 4 venues in Las Vegas and Los Angeles,
Rosie O'Donnell Show and the Houston Astrodome, 1998

Wardrobe Crew, Set Costumer for DreamWorks SKG,
Steven Spielberg film: Newport, RI, 1997

Personal and Set Costumer for Lauren Bacall. Wardrobe Assistant
and Set Costumer for Angelica Huston, Harry Dean Stanton and
Mary Stuart Masterson: Heritage Entertainment, Newport, RI, 1987

Touring and Video Costume Design for Rubber Rodeo,
Grammy-nominated band: MTV Video, Polygram Records, 1986